Four Tips to Let You Easily Have Vintage Wedding Dress

Time is perhaps the best friend of wedding dress. With the time passes, the wedding dress style has gradually changed. But many brides have a retro feeling! Puff sleeves, lace neck, and simple lines, etc, all make people feel beautiful. Today, we teach you four tips, so you will easily pick out a vintage wedding dress!

1. Think about the style

High neck, long-sleeves, lace decoration…… this kind of wedding dress is very common. But to find a suitable sleeve length would be difficult. Generally, retro wedding dress has a 3/4 sleeve length and the cuffs are embroidered. If you think a high neckline makes you uncomfortable, you can change to choose a boat neck or Queen Anne neck which will allow you to increase the comfort of the wedding dress.

2. Less is more

This sentence for a vintage wedding dress is the most appropriate. Let us replace the cumbersome organza with lace pattern. Remove the pads, chest pads to how more of the skin. Then it will be a distinctive retro style wedding dress.

3. Add details

If you want your wedding dress to reflect more of your own style, you may add some more details. If the lace or printing is not the effect you want, then you may choose a more elegant material to decorate your wedding dress.

4. Let the wedding dress have layering

Retro dress is always extremely beautiful. But lace is hollow. We may add white tight satin lining underneath the lace! Besides, the best is to add a silk belt so to make your body more perfectly shown and look even more slender.

Want to see more vintage wedding dress styles? Here is a good choice:

Simple Beautiful Solid-colored Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses are mostly well-known as solid-colored dress, especially for bridesmaids group, the overly fancy style is easy to dominate. Solid-colored bridesmaid dress is low-key and elegant color. As long as picking a simple but beautiful dress, it can still create outstanding bridesmaid images. Today we share several gorgeous solid-colored minimalist bridesmaid dresses with everyone.

Dress cannot be too gorgeous, but it does not mean that we can only ever play security cards. Want to have stylish and also good bridesmaid dressing? Of course, you need a simple and elegant one-shoulder bridesmaid dress! This long chiffon bridesmaid dress makes use of sexy one shoulder matched with noble purple red color to burst out a bright light like a star. Exquisite tailoring perfectly highlights the waistline, so you are showing charm with every step. And the irregular cuff design can also well modify the arm lines, highlighting the full fashion design sense.

This bridesmaid dress gives the interpretation of beautiful pleats to be superb, extending from the chest to the skirt hem to create a rich three-dimensional level, full of modern design sense. Dignified and stable navy blue with scoop neckline and sheath tailoring exudes sexy charm so to show the unique beauty temperament. it is the perfect choice for bridesmaids with able office lady temperament.

This charming bridesmaid dress makes use of romantic lace fabric to let the dress exude a fresh and unique garden sense. Original selection of green color and one shoulder design, combined with bow belt and right knee length, makes the bridesmaid styling appear light and elegant, full of feminine charm.

This strapless mermaid bridesmaid dress is made of satin material. The material is thick and stiff, smooth and bright, of strong three-dimensional sense. With the noble and dignified silver grey color, it reveals a gorgeous and high-level bridesmaid feel. And the beautiful mermaid tailoring makes the bridesmaid’s curve fully reflected, sexy and enchanting.


See Wedding Dress Style Classification – There Is Always a Right One for You

Different wedding dress styles will give a different feeling. Today we share some wedding dress styles to help you easily pick out the one that suits you!

1. Spaghetti straps and halter wedding dress

Compared to strapless wedding dress, this style looks more noble and gorgeous. And at the front chest design, it is usually very beautiful and exquisite, so it can highlight the chest and the overall styling will not become monotonous. Because there is elongated effect in the visual, it is suitable for petite and skinny girls. And because of the straps and halter design, the brides do not need to worry about of being emptied when doing exaggerated movements.

2. Long training fairy tale wedding dress

At childhood, many girls had dreams for their wedding. They image they walk in front, proud and beautiful like a princess, behind, dragging a long ethereal wedding dress train cared by the flower girl. In fact this kind of wedding dress has much higher requirements on height. If you are a little plump and not tall either, it is not suggested to choose a too long trailing wedding dress, which would make you seem shorter. A middle or small train is the best.

3. Conservative wedding dress

Although the new sexy wedding dress is a trend, inevitably there are some more traditional brides who are not used to be much exposed. Then choose a relatively conservative wedding dress, such as with high neck or long sleeve design. Though exposed a little, beauty does not discount!

4. Sheath wedding dress

This kind of wedding dress is tailored according to the body curve. Without petticoats, it sees simple and elegant. Mostly is made of lace and satin fabrics which have excellent hanging sense. this type can be said the most prominent to reflect the body beauty and the most modern cutting style among all the wedding dress styles. Mostly uses a narrow hem design. Mermaid style is the most common deformation version of this wedding dress type.

The Latest Fashionable Winter Wedding Dress to Create Perfect Bride

For the winter brides, in addition to be warm, the wedding dress should be fashionable so as to create the perfect image. Lace, elegant ball gown, delicate mermaid, gorgeous satin wedding dresses are all classic styles. Here let’s have a look at how they give the interpretation of the perfect bride in winter.

1. Exquisite lace

Stylish and minimalist design perfectly shows the bride’s body proportions, bringing a gorgeous yet quiet beauty. Delicate lace reflects the most exquisite beauty. It is the first choice of brides with elegance and exquisite pursue.

2. Flowers mermaid

Floral pattern is fold into the ruching design. Three-dimensional flowers full of modeling sense bloom at the skirt hem, extremely beautiful. The bride with this mermaid wedding dress is like Andersen’s mermaid princess. With fresh and beautiful soft organza, it brings the bride to a romantic life.

3. Retro ball gown

Fresh and elegant white dress is dotted with delicate beading, so the bride looks noble and beautiful as the eighteenth century princess. High waistline fits the chest to show the bride’s exquisite curves. Ball gown style makes the bride look nifty and lovely yet without losing the well-behaved feeling of young girls.

4. Luxurious satin

Satin wedding dress is the best to show the initial appearance of wedding dress. In 2014 winter, its retro elegance strikes again. Satin wedding dress can create a retro feel, so the bride looks more noble and generous. No matter how the trend changes, the modern woman’s pursue on the simple elegance has never disappeard. Ably and neat outline well reflects the bride’s body curves, and the exquisite tailoring builds the unique touching feel as a goddess. Moreover, with the weather getting cold, satin is also better than lace or chiffon fabrics to keep warm!

The Points You Need to Take Care at Wedding Dress Preparations

On this important day we have ever imaged for many times from childhood to now, without exception, everybody wants to be the most beautiful of their own. 60% of the glamorous degrees of the bride on the wedding day depend on the wedding dress level, so the selection of a suitable wedding dress is one of the highlights at the wedding preparations. According to some of the preliminary lessons, has made a summary of the points that those future brides need to keep in mind!

1. Only solemn without fashionable

Many brides think that the wedding dress should be dignified, elegant and classic. In fact, if on the basis of these elements, plus your creativity or also the current popular elements, it is the only wedding dress that really belongs to your own wedding.

2. With good figure – so to show too much

Selecting a focus to show is enough and better. While being strapless with breasts, back and legs exposed at the same time, it will make you look like going to a Halloween party rather than a formal wedding. Busty brides may show the proud breast line, while people who have beautiful back curve may choose a backless style dress, and people with beautiful hip curve can wear sheath or mermaid style.

3. Afraid not too flash – so having too many decorations

Flowers, bows and rhinestones all can bring a different feeling, but to put them on a dress too much will only become a super disaster. While picking the wedding dress, take care to avoid the too complicated design because the dress is just an accessory to bring out your beauty. In a too eye-catching bridal gown will make everyone only pay attention to the dress while neglecting you.

4. Too many layers of yarn – wedding dress is not only yarn

The dress of Disney Princess has a lot of yarn, which looks so beautiful and dreamy. But putting on “Enchanted” style wedding dress in the real world will make people hard to be close to you, and the groom need to hand straightly so there are ways to hold your hand. There are many Disney concept wedding dresses, but they combine modern style with the fantasy elements of fairy tale, so they look very romantic but not too exaggerated. This kind of wedding dress is your right choice.


When Wedding Dress Encounters Architectural Inspiration

When wedding dress encounters architectural inspiration, the beauty cannot be expressed by words and cannot be compared with other things! If you want to say goodbye to out of date and puff sleeves, they would be the best choice. Art never separates because of family relationships; moreover, fashion and architecture have always been close. In fact, as early as in the Middle Ages, the clothing has been called a “sheath building”! Today, many designers inject the architectural inspiration into the wedding dress design, firmness and flexibility, bringing gorgeous visual impact.

Luxury has been the enduring philosophy in wedding dress industry. The gorgeous satin fabric secretly reflects a kind of stubborn light, and the exposed skin gives unlimited reverie. Not having too much design, simple is timeless.

Layers and ruching, each layer represents the beauty of the princess. It is not just white; the texture sense of white yarn makes the wedding dress’ styling three-dimensional and eye-catching. The delicate ruching design beautifully wraps the chests and hip. The bright diamond embellishment around the chest and side waist is the finishing touch of the whole dress.

Women should be charming and enchanting like a cat. This wedding dress perfectly combines the tulle material, puffy silhouette and flower decoration, which can be described as expressing the princess feelings to the fullest. The seemingly messy pick-ups design allows the fluffy skirt hem full of light air sense. The looming chest lets the bride have a hint of sexy out of the sweet and fantasy feelings.

The role of white wedding dress occupying in the wedding dress industry already no longer needs too many words to describe. It not only represents pure white, it is a beautiful dream in a girl’s life. This dress adds the eaves design with a building sense on the chest part, and then embellishes it with three-dimensional flowers. Such a kind of wedding dress full of design sense is really worth a try.

Wearing Veil Depends on Occasions – How to Pick Bridal Veil?

Many girls have a special desire for bridal veil, because they are romantic, dreamy, and also represent the sacred and solemn feeling of marriage. Wearing a bridal veil is now more decorative in the role, but there are a variety of bridal veil styles, and they are not appropriate for any occasion. Wearing a bridal veil is divided by occasions. So how to choose bridal veil according to the wedding venue? Take a look at it now!

1. Church wedding

This floral veil is a typical cathedral veil style. It is able to cover the bride’s face and the tail is long enough. Cathedral style veil is generally are about 2.5 meters long to show the solemn atmosphere of the wedding.

2. Indoor wedding

Brides usually will not wear especially long trailing wedding dress at indoor wedding, but at the time walking along the red carpet, in order to show a grand sense, they tend to choose long veil to decorate, and usually with high transparency and lace trim.

3. Outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings often do not choose a long veil because of the weather. The elbow-length veil is favored. Its weight sense is not only just right, but also makes the bridal styling look more moving and smart.

4. Taking wedding dress photographs

When taking the wedding dress photographs, in order to coordinate the proportion of components between the person and the background, the bride will often choose a long trailing veil to take pictures, so even if the wedding dress train is not long, it can also take very impressive photos. Besides, it is convenient for action as well.

The Sexy of Little Show on Shoulders – Halter Bridesmaid Dress

Generally, bridesmaid cannot dress too ornately or ostentatiously, but it does not mean that bridesmaid only ever play safety card. Strapless bridesmaid dress is too ordinary, so you maybe would like to have a try of the halter bridesmaid dresses. To sexy of giving a little show on the shoulders will certainly make people hard to resist.

This chiffon halter dress is based on a deep color tone design. It combines the elegant dark red and black to create a low-key and chic bridesmaid image. Slim cut plus halter design perfectly presents the lady’s nice and graceful figure, to let the bridesmaids reveal charming and sexy beauty between gestures, and gives out a casual elegance in autumn atmosphere.

This mermaid halter dress allows you to incarnate into the most elegant and dignified lady. With light gray lace on the upper body mixed and matched with the shiny dark gray taffeta fabric looks harmonious and of unique affinity. The neat line is easily to manage for every bridesmaid. The simple one strap around the neckline has become a beautiful halter design. The chic tailoring besides the chest lets the bridesmaid show out the pretty collarbone, to distribute an enchanting and sexy style.

This beautiful halter bridesmaid dress uses brilliant and attractive coral color makes every bridesmaid look extraordinarily elegant and moving. The smooth linear design set off the tall and slender body. The delicate frills embellishment on the halter makes the bridesmaid’s styling distribute deep feminine sense, really sexy and charming.

How to Choose Wedding Dress for Small Chest Bride

The biggest difference of the wedding dress with the usual clothing is in the fact that it is designed to be more sexy and elegant, luxurious and extravagant. For some busty brides, many wedding dresses are able to demonstrate their perfect sexy figure, but for small chest brides, the selection of wedding dress is often not so confident. In fact, in order to highlight the beautiful breast shape, picking a right wedding dress is enough. Today, we will introduce several suitable wedding dresses that are good for small chest brides to wear. Let’s have a look!

Generally, small chest bride should avoid wearing purely strapless wedding dress, but if it is similar to the wedding dress style in the below picture, it is also very good. In front of the chest, the dress uses some fabric to make a level, so it can create a three-dimensional and plump effect of the breast shape, and people may ignore your small chest.

Wedding dress does not necessarily to show the chests, so small chest brides do not have to tangle in the fact that they cannot wear strapless wedding dress. To choose fake two-piece strapless wedding dress, with gorgeous beading embellished on the outside, not only to shape a more luxurious and refined styling, but also to make people ignore the size of your chest.

This elegant white bridal dress is absolutely suitable for small chest brides. To choose the wedding dress with off the shoulder design can reduce the exposed degree of the skin above the chest, so that people’s attention is more focused on the collarbone section to a certain extent. The ruching design in front also highlights the bride’s good breast shape, so the chests look more plump.

The Bridesmaid Dresses with Fall Breath

At the wedding day, in addition to the bride wearing a beautiful wedding dress, bridesmaids are also a beautiful landscape. In the fall, bridesmaid dresses no longer go with fresh line. They put aside the elegant soft colors; instead, calm autumn color is their hero. Today we share a group of with bridesmaid dresses with fall breath. Everyone comes to enjoy the charm!

Without fresh and tender colors, green becomes low-key and handsome in the fall. A simple sweetheart style with dark green lets the bridesmaids filled with vitality, giving the spiritual sense. The unique waist design gives out strong lively fashion sense.

For fall, the warm ginger color is the most comfortable color, beautiful but not flashy. With the three-dimensional flowers belt decoration at the waist, it distributes approachable affinity, leaving people good impression.

Although bright red color is a popular color in the fall, the subdued color is obviously not suitable for bridesmaids. However, when it is replaced with low-key and dignified wine, it is just perfect! The strapless style does show a little sexy charm! The floor length and small train style design is also perfect to highlight the bridesmaid’s elegance! This dress is especially good to wear for the grand fall indoor wedding.

Nothing is more appropriate than the dark blue if you expect a low-key color. Its carm and introverted characteristics is particularly suitable for mature bridesmaids, and dark has a good modification role on stature. The bridesmaids with any stature can manage it!