Most Popular 2014 Fall and Winter Bridesmaid Dress Recommendation

How to choose bridesmaid dresses for the coming 2014 fall and winter? Each bridesmaid’s body is different, so even the same dress style will give different effect on each one. Here let’s have a look at the most popular 2014 fall and winter bridesmaid dresses.

We believe pink dress is most bridesmaids’ preferred color. The unique point of this dress is in that it covers with a layer of black lace outside the layer of satin fabric, which gives a perfect combination of satin’s gloss and romance and lace’s elegance and temptation, so bridesmaid exudes a stylish and personalized sexy temperament. The generous A-line tailor suits all sizes of bridesmaids. The unique material and style is absolutely the preferred bridesmaid dress choice!

Green has also been a very popular bridesmaid dress color. This dress’ bright point is on its neck design. The three-dimensional decorative ruffles make the whole dress look full of design sense. The sophisticated sheath tailoring also has a very good modification on the body. This bridesmaid dress is very ideal for mature and fashionable OL bridesmaid.

Blue lace dress is one of the most common bridesmaid dress styles. The upper body is designed based on hollow lace element. The overall style is simple and elegant. The belt design is just a right modification of the bridesmaid’s curve shape. It is also a style loved by lots of maids of honor: fresh but not casual; simple but not ordinary!

Black is also common as a bridesmaid dress color. In fact, if you want your wedding to be creative enough, black bridesmaid dress would be a good choice. This floor-length black bridesmaid dress has a simple and elegant overall styling, to exude an elegant retro flavor, full of feminine. With a black taffeta belt at the waist, it perfectly outlines the body proportion, very ideal for tall and slender bridesmaids. The ruching design in front of the chest makes the whole dress still look lively and nifty on a black background, full of fashionable design sense. This is definitely a good element to add extra points to your wedding atmosphere. You may wish to try it!

Small Shawl, Big Aura –Romantic Fall Wedding Dress with Shawl

The arrival of fall lets people begin to stay away from the summer’s heat, cool weather is pleasant and comfortable, but in some places it has started with a little bit of chill. Brides who are going to hold outdoor wedding must make good preparation for keeping away from cold. A small shawl can make you stand against the cold while adding luster to your wedding dress styling. Today we recommend several romantic fall shawl wedding dresses, to take a look at how small shawl deduces gorgeous aura!

Flower lace shawl. If you do not like the dress having too much decoration, but either does not want the styling to become too simple at the oath, you may choose this kind of flower lace shawl wedding dress. Romantic and beautiful lace shawl lets the bride entirely exudes fantastic temperament.

Three-dimensional decorative shawl. If you choose the tulle material to create the wedding dress, why not use the same material to build a shawl? Coupled with appliqués or beading decoration, it will make the bride look with a queen-like temperament.

Beaded tulle shawl. This semi-circular shawl combines with bateau neck to create a retro palace style; coupled with beading embellishment, it exudes goddess-like feel. It is very ideal for the bride with thick arms and little budget. Choose such a tulle shawl with beading handling can subtly let your original plain wedding dress become high up while modifying your arm lines and vaguely revealing a little sexy.

Half-sleeve fur shawl. This kind of shawl wedding dress is relatively a little hot for this season, but in the late fall is very suitable. Half cardigan style without buttons is coupled with simple skirt hem. The fur material adds a touch of sweet flavor to the dress, while mermaid hem allows the bride having more gorgeous aura.

Requires Attention – 2014 Fall and Winter Wedding Dress Details Choice

For the bride, the wedding dress is the most concerned single product, so the new couple is quite cautious in the selection of the wedding dress. Then, in the selection of the 2014 fall and winter wedding dress, what details should the bride pay attention to? Here let’s have a look at it.

1. Take care of warm

Compared to the spring and summer, fall and winter is much colder. In the selection of the wedding dress fabric, do not pick silk, chiffon, large mesh yarn and other fabrics that make people feel cool. Choose some thick and warm fabrics, such as lace and satin fabric.

Tips: If you have picked a strapless wedding dress, you may wish to consider adding a piece of accessory, such as a small jacket, luxury fur shawl or a pair of elegant gloves, which are all the best choices.

2. Do not only believe in white wedding dress

Fall and winter are already cold seasons. Pure white wedding dress lacks a lot romance and fun in such seasons.

Tips: 2014 fall and winter wedding dresses tends to become a little colorful, unlike previous single color. For example, add a little red or champagne embellishment on a white wedding dress to highlight the jumping color sense. Future brides in the selection of the wedding dress can make a bold color choice and have more embellishments. In the fall and winter seasons to choose some bright colors will also brings more warmth and happiness to the wedding.

3. Do not dominated by fancy styles

Every bride definitely thinks of being beautiful as a princess on the wedding day, so some may find very innovative and complex styles in the selection of wedding dress. However, because of the cold factor of winter, too long trailing wedding dress will make us feel very heavy and redundant.

Tips: in 2014 winter, simple silhouette and decorative techniques of wedding dress selection is more and more popular. Vintage decor is the most beautiful embodies in fall season. To choose an A-line style, bateau neck, simple and natural draped hem or stereo skirt is retro wind.

Strategy for Wide-shoulder Brides to Select the Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to appear at more perfect state in front of the camera, so if we do not have a perfect body figure, we have to find ways in the selection of the wedding dress to cover up the imperfect part. If you are a bride with relatively wide shoulders, how to select the wedding dress styles?

1. Do not select the strapless dress or spaghetti straps styles, as they will make your figure shortcomings completely exposed. Moreover, if you do not have long hair to cover the shoulders either, it will immediately give people a majestic feeling.

2. For the brides with thick top arms and wide shoulders, wedding dress that is able to cover the arms and shoulders is their choice. The wedding dress with shawl is a good style, especially in this early fall season, there is a certain warming effect as well. Common lace shawl exudes elegant and luxurious temperament. The bride’s shoulders loom under the lace, with strapless wedding dress, exuding sexy and noble queen aura.

3. At the style, to choose a v-neck or u-shaped neck will make use of the vertical lines to decorate your stature. In addition, one-shoulder wedding dress can also be used as a secondary reference, although it will reveal one side of the shoulder, the unilateral would not give too strong feeling.

4. On the color and style design, try to use relatively exaggerate colors to divert attention, and if it is pure white wedding dress, you can use three-dimensional shoulder ornaments to transfer other people’s attention. In addition, the hem design with hot point will make people easy to ignore your upper body, so they do not pay attention to your shoulder problem.

Beautiful Wedding Dress with Fashion Elements to Create Beautiful Brides

A perfect bridal styling not only requires an exquisite makeup, but also needs a very beautiful wedding dress. Today we will introduce you several beautiful bride wedding dresses. These wedding dresses have the most popular fashion elements. Come to pick a favorite one and do a fashionable perfect bride.

Light and flowing bridal dress fabric will be the main fabric in this season. Tulle and lace is delicate and charming, with a large ribbon, elegant and gorgeous, full of feminine.

Delicate ruching or asymmetrical ruffles hem is very feminine wedding dress details design. It makes women full of gentle femininity, and makes the wedding dress more lovely.

Trumpet wedding dress and short fluffy princess wedding dress is also a major highlight in 2014. The bottom of trumpet dress is flared into a horn shape, which has a similar shaping style with the mermaid one. The brides who have slim figure cannot miss this wedding dress style. Besides, the bride who has beautiful legs can choose a short wedding dress, which is both lovely and easy to walk.

In 2014, retro off-the-shoulder neck is still very popular, but in addition to this one, the sweetheart, strapless style, one-shoulder and deep V-neck is still prevalent as well. Half to show or fully shown is especially suitable for the bride having beautiful neck and shoulders, sexy and yet elegant.

Nowadays a symmetrical wedding dress seems somewhat mediocre. The symmetrical concept is completely subversive! Asymmetrical design exceeds the limitations of ordinary wedding dress, not just asymmetric on the neck, asymmetrical waist design or skirt hem design all can present your perfect body!

Back design is also more interesting. Remember to check the back design when you try on wedding dress, because on the wedding day a lot of people will see your back. A unique back design will make people impressed.

To Pick a White Prom Dress to Show Your Elegance

Today to bring you a group of white prom dresses pictures. We believe there is one you will like. Hurry to pick a white prom dress so to show your unique pure elegance!

1. Simple style

This minimalist style sweetheart prom dress combines ruching with exquisite hand-beaded design to highlight the noble and elegant sense. Waist beads also have a kind of visual effect on shaping a slim waistline, and help to cover the slightly fat small belly. The soft and flowing chiffon fabric will let you fully show the charm at the ball.

2. Strapless dress

This strapless dress is designed with a small V-shaped neckline and fully decorated with beading around the upper body, to reveal a luxurious and sexy elegance. Corset design sketches out the graceful curve of the upper body while the fluffy skirt makes your fatter hip and legs perfectly hidden. Choosing this dress does not have great stature restrictions, and will challenge the limits of beauty presentation.

3. V-neck dress

This is a simple yet stylish dress and fully of art sense. Spaghetti straps design is practical and at the same time looks more lively and natural. Unique split forms a large V-shaped neck to create out the beautiful chest shape, which is beautiful, chic, sexy and at the same time without losing decent flavor. The ruching design at the waist is to highlight the body line while making the figure look slimmer.

4. One-shoulder dress

One-shoulder coupled with close waist design gives a good modification role of the waist line. The version is excellent. Beading decoration is shiny and eye-catching. The ruching shows the designer’s exquisite workmanship. The finest chiffon fabric gives a sense of flowing movement. High-slit design shows off the slender legs, full of sexy charm.

Pink Bridesmaid Dress to Create Feminine of Different Styles

In this hot summer, to have some brisk color decorate the wedding can make people ignore the bad weather outside. Pink is a most sweet and lively color, and the variety of colors derived from pink are very suitable as the bridesmaid dress. Today with everyone to enjoy three pink bridesmaid dresses, to take a look at how the pink color creates feminine of different styles!

This entire simple tailoring of this dress creates a beautiful body line. Sweetheart neckline is designed to highlight the sexy collarbone and shoulder curve. With tender and lively trumpet skirt hem, in a romantic pink atmosphere, it gives an interpretation of the perfect combination charm of girls and women. Bright rose pink color also sets off the skin to be particularly delicate and shiny, to highlight the beauty of the female temperament.

This dress is of a very fit cut, while modifying the lines it is not overly sexy. The simple three-dimensional pleats on the skirt body are chic and lively, with a soft pink color, to make the bridesmaid show noble and sweet fashionable sense, and full of elegant feminine.

One-shoulder design is a very popular style in recent years’ bridesmaid dresses. With a simple sheath tailoring, it perfectly shows the bridesmaid’s beautiful stature and elegance. The dark and calm pink is also not too assertive, and will set off the bride’s white wedding dress to be more glorious and pure. With high heels, it creates a simple, sophisticated and elegant feminine styling.

Five Principles of Picking the Perfect Bridal Dress

Faced with so many bridal dresses in the dress shop, how to pick out the most satisfying bridal gown is really not an easy thing. In order to facilitate the bride to choose the most suitable dress for their wedding dinner, today we introduce you five principles of picking the bridal dress.

1. Try several different styles

Many brides have sketched a favorite dress style in their mind. However, even if you know what style of dress is best suited to your own, do not let the mindset to limit your choices. Go to try several more different styles or colors, there may be an unexpected effect!

2. Do not blindly follow the trend

Prior to the selection of dress, most brides would consult magazines or brand show for inspiration. However, the bride should not blindly follow the trend or be too impulsive. The one only for their own is the most perfect.

3. Choose the dress according to stature and venue

Bride’s body and wedding venues vary. To have a dreaming dress, we must choose the right dress according to our stature and the venue. If the wedding is held in high-end and luxury hotel ballroom, thin figured bride can choose a dress with rich layering and stereoscopic flounced skirt so it is able to hold the live scene!

4. Have a right size measure

Measuring the size is the key of custom-tailored dress. Whether the size measurement is accurate will affect the ultimate effect of wearing. Therefore, the best is to have a professional tailor to help you measure the size, and best to dress in the underwear that you are ready to wear at the wedding.

5. Try it on

Trying on the dress before the wedding is a key part to check out if the dress is perfect and fits, so it is must not be ignored. How to easily and effectively finish this part? Some small details need you to pay attention to:

(1) Wear the underwear you will wear on the wedding day, so it is easy to see whether the details of the dress fit body.

(2) Does the dress front hem just pass the toe of your wedding shoes? And also try to walk, seat, hands up and other movements in order to ensure you will move freely.

V-neck Bridal Wedding Dress, Sexy and Elegant

For women, if you want to create a sexy dressing, it always seems to have to be exposed in some part. The birth of V-neck allows they find a woman’s sexy exclusive point. V-neck wedding dress is not new for the bride; it is also one of the common wedding dress styles. In addition to sexy, it can also create assertive personality and elegant charm. Today we will take you to enjoy three V-neck bridal dresses together!

This sexy big V-neck bridal wedding dress makes use of simple no-frills straps to build broad and big V-neck, through which the vaguely exposed chests show out the bride’s sexy charm. The close-fitting cut and ruching embellishment at the waist more highlight the bride’s good figure, which looks really amazing. Charming three-dimensional flower embellishment adds some sweet feminine flavor, and gives a perfect fusion of the natural elements in outdoor wedding. It is a top choice for elegant brides who pursue a simple style but do not want to flow into the ordinary.

Want to play a personalized card? V-neck can also make it. Ultra low V neck be done with empire waist dress helps to play personality and sexy. Hater design shows off the bride’s beautiful shoulder curves and shiny skin, to bring a handsome style for the entire wedding dress. The use of three-dimensional crochet lace material is gorgeous and luxurious. This wedding dress is the one for mature and tall brides cannot be missed.

V-neck is not necessarily the representative of exposure. To choose V-neck wedding dress can also be in order to modify the neck lines. This wedding dress uses hollow lace half-sleeve stitching with close waist style to tell us what the elegant beauty of the v-neck wedding dress is. Mermaid tailoring is just the right to show the graceful curve of the bride’s figure, the use of full lace highlighting the bride’s delicate and gentle charm.

Simple and Elegant Bridesmaid Group Dresses Recommendation

Bridesmaids group can be said to be a beautiful landscape at the wedding, but in the choice of bridesmaid group dress, many couples are often hard to make a decision. Next to recommend several simple and elegant bridesmaid dresses, together to learn about it!

1. Strapless style bridesmaid dress

Tulle dress, soft colors, is refreshing, cool and with the vitality of youth! With a thin black belt it easily embellishes out the bride’s slim waistline. And then every bride puts on an exaggerated headdress in the same color with the dress, a fresh combination and of natural personality is born! Such a youthful and beautiful bridesmaids group is absolutely a bright spot!

2. Ocean blue bridesmaid dresses

Halter V-neck bridesmaid dress, high waist design with decorative ruching belt, simply outlines the bridesmaids’ figure, generous and natural. Decent and consistent dressing looks very comfortable! Pleasant and fresh blue tone embellishes the bride’s white wedding dress, which will more highlight the bride’s pure sense!

3. Light gray bridesmaid dresses

Sheath gray bridesmaid dresses look simple and decent. Thin material is very suitable to wear in hot summer wedding. The dress reflects woman’s intellectual temperament. Gentle color is a comforting choice! Elegance with a little sexy adds harmonious atmosphere for friend’s wedding! If worried about the overall tone is too dark, to add a little color on headdress or jewelry is the perfect styling.

4. Orange bridesmaid dresses

Warm orange is a warm color choice, like the friendship between friends makes our hearts warm! The comfortable match of dark and pale orange gives a sense of intimacy. In the wedding, such a dressing is generous and simple, and brings a strong visual experience!