Flash Elements Make the Wedding Dress Become Bling Bling

No matter when and where, as the most dazzling fashion expert, how you can miss the freshest fashion on your big day? In 2014 spring and summer T stage, the most suitable fashion elements for used in wedding dress make the beautiful bride put on the perfect gorgeous clothing in the most important day.

Metal has always given people a calm feeling while love is always warm even hot. Then when cool metallic colors hit love, what kind of spark will burst out? In fact, just as exquisite styling requires jewelry embellishments, with these flash elements joined, it can be described to wear a bright jewelry for you love, to coronate for your love which has finally run to the end. Just choose the appropriate flash good elements, it will add points to your beauty, let your dazzling in your big day and let the wedding become bling bling.

In fact, flash elements are not exactly equal to the metallic color, it also has a lot of careful ideas, and the effect brought by each form is naturally not the same.


Mention senior satin material, such a kind of words like noble and elegant will be the first time to come to mind, yes, it is a tool to enhance the elegant and beautiful temperament! Soft and light texture is much like the feeling of wrapped by happiness. Without excessive design and decoration, just a simple and elegant cut dress is enough to hold the present audience.

Waving the flash thread into the fabric, the metal light seems to looming and flash. Such a material is more stable than many wedding dresses dazzling in the whole body and has more chic sense than the common fabrics. Such a gloss is best suited to you who are low-key but stylish.

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Dresses trimmed with sequins and crystals are really called bling bling. As you step into the temple of happiness, the dress reflects the excited light. However, such flash elements need you to be confident enough as a blessing, you have to believe, from the party to the wedding, you are worthy of the Fashion Queen.

What Color Is Best for Bridesmaid Dress

As a bridesmaid, the only principle of choosing a bridesmaid dress is that not to grab the bride’s attention but to look good at the same time. So to choose what colored bridesmaids dresses will be better? Do not worry, here are this year’s several most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses pro reference.


1. Burgundy

Burgundy is a kind of very feminine color, not only allowing the bridesmaids to show more outstanding temperament, but also complementing each other with the solemn and gorgeous atmosphere of the wedding. Bridesmaids wearing burgundy dress will bring more romantic atmosphere your wedding.

2. Light blue

Light blue is a calm and elegant color, combined with the white wedding dress, the bride will look more elegant and quiet. Blue bridesmaid dress is very ideal for spring and summer weddings.

3. Green

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh and elegant tone is also very suitable as a dress choice. The lightweight sage has a wider use scope and is also very suitable for a large area of applications.

4. Dark navy

Dark navy color is a wild color, almost suitable for all skinned girls. This is an extremely low-key color, never to grab the bride’s thunder.

5. Purple

Purple bridesmaid dress has a gentle sense in elegance yet without losing romantic flavor. It can be a good set off for the wedding scene and create more romance.

6. Gray

Gray series bridesmaid dresses make the bridesmaid dresses and bridal dress silhouetted against each other, highlighting a layering sense.

After reading this article, have you already got an idea for the selection of bridesmaid dress color? If you feel that the content is not bad, then share them with your sisters quickly!


Seven Things after Picking out the Wedding Dress

Some brides may feel nothing else need to be annoyed after picking out the wedding dress, in fact, there are a few small details which also need to be prepared.

1. The selection of bridesmaid dresses

After determining the bridal dress style, you will be able to begin the selection of bridesmaid dresses style. Try to select the dress styles satisfied by all (or at least the vast majority) bridesmaids, then in the following you can make the order. The bridesmaid dresses do not have to completely imitate the bride wedding dress, but in the style or material it should be echoed.

2. Pick the wedding shoes

Before determining the modifications method for the wedding dress, we must pick out the wedding shoes, because the height of the heel determines the size of the skirt hem.


3. Purchase jewelry

According to the wedding dress style, you can start thinking about the jewelry styles you want to wear on the big day. When trying out the wedding dress, you may bring several sets of jewelry sets as a second choice, to try out with the results.

4. Choose wedding dress accessories

In addition to a set of jewelry, the complete bridal styling also needs a lot of other accessories. Before the first modification of the wedding dress, you need to determine hair accessories and veil style. Shawls and bags can be confirmed later.


5. Buy underwear

Whether a close-fitting underwear suit or corset with breast function, you should take the matching underwear prepared to wear on the wedding day wearing when trying on the wedding dress. Sometimes just a small hook on the underwear may affect the results of bridal wear.

6. Find a tailor

If the place you buy the wedding dress doesn’t provide the modification service, it is time to find a trustworthy tailor. Do not wait to start looking for until the wedding dress gets to our hands, you can first ask around friends and colleagues whether there are recommended candidates. Recently married friends or your bridal salon will give you good advice.

7. To find a hiding place for the wedding dress

Once you have completed all the changes and try, your wedding dress will be completely delivered. You need to find a place to live for it. Some bridal salon offers on behalf of custody services, from here to consult it.

How to Choose the Wedding Dress Neckline

How to choose the wedding dress neckline? How to choose a suitable wedding dress neckline style for the bride different of figures? In the wedding ceremony, each bride wants to be the most dazzling and moving one, and only learned about the rule of wedding dress neckline selection with the stature, it will be able to make the wedding dress perfectly show your figure and temperament charm.

1. High neck

Romantic high neck is suitable for traditional and relatively conservative wedding. Also suitable for long neck and small breasted women

2. Bateau neckline

In an elegant wedding, bateau neckline wedding dress is preferred. If you have a delicate frame and slender neck, then the bateau neckline style of wedding dress will be worn out with a very good result. The same with high neck wedding dress, the bride with big breasts is not suitable for wearing this style.

3. Strapless neckline

Depending on the material of the wedding dress, the appropriate wedding time is different as well. Strapless style of wedding dress fit any figured bride. If your hip can be a good support for the upper body of the wedding dress, then there is no need to pull the neck so high. Then with the long necklace or exaggerated earrings will produce amazing results.

4. Wide U-neckline

This neck style is sweet and good for formal weddings. Coupled with short gloves will constitute a classic country style. This style of wedding dress neckline is suitable for most brides, especially fuller breasted brides.

5. Deep V-neckline

The deep V-neckline wedding dress bares shoulder and breasts, modern and casual, suitable for beach weddings. The bride with wide shoulders wearing a deep V-neck wedding dress will demonstrate the unique charm of the shoulder; chest is too big or skinny bride is not suitable for this style.

6. Off-shoulder neckline

Before choosing this traditional neck and very good to set off the face, firstly check there is no bondage to your arm, ensure no embarrassment that arms could not lift when you act. This style neckline is not suitable for brides with wide shoulders and thick arms, which will only make your shortcomings seem more obvious.

This Summer Wedding Dress to Completely Show Your Sexy Back

Take advantage of the warm spring and summer season, have a try for the backless wedding dress! On the lawn wedding full of grass and flowers, show off your beauty, blend with green grass and bright flowers, so sexy is nowhere to hide, to show your most true beauty!


Back can be called the sexiest part of woman, when the ladies wearing a backless evening dress coming slowly, their partly concealed sexy immediately distributes to the whole audience. Back can show a woman’s exquisite curves, smooth and delicate skin, and also can completely be naked to make a woman look sexy and elegant.

Lace is synonymous with elegant women, to show women’s delicate and lovely temperament, pure like a little girl all alone comes out through the lace wedding dress. This wedding dress is made of lace material and with a backless design to completely expose the bride’s beautiful back, showing the bride’s girlish smooth skin while giving out the sexy sense of mature woman.

Deep V-neck has been a mature woman’s sexy byword. The wedding dress with deep V-neck design in front of the chest makes the chest curve looming. When deep V-neck design is used to backless dress to make the back exposed completely and naturally. This lace wedding dress uses the deep V design at the back. Hollow lace material makes this wedding dress filled with more romantic sexy, leaving people unlimited reverie.

This wedding dress uses the shiny elastic woven satin material to gorgeously show the bow at the back. The unique strap in the middle sketches the back out two areas, full of chic and fashionable design sense. The small decorative bow is deserved to become the focus of people’s attention. All the guests at the weddings are invariably on over here!

Satin backless wedding dress makes the bride’s beautiful back completely exposed, no straps tied, nor bow decoration, only the most primitive beautiful back and thin halter, and people cannot help but want to hug or kiss the bride’s beautiful back. The ruching design at the waist is not only to bring the bride more slim and slender but also adds the behind design sense and fame.

Visual Charm of Two-piece Style Wedding Dress

Whether it is with transparent tulle to support embroidered semi-collar or embedding jewels in the wedding dress neck or chest, all are the details design for the wedding dress. However, bare back and two-piece style wedding dress is to modify the visual effects on the whole. Two-piece style wedding dress exposes the slim waist to fully show women’ sexy.

Two-piece wedding dress cuts the overall visual effect into two halves, generally using high waist design which reduces the length of the upper body and stretches the length of the lower body. If the bride is petite, fear of wearing a long tailing wedding dress would look short and then two-piece style wedding dress is a very good choice.


This lace wedding dress from Houghton Bride is in the two-piece design. Small short waist upper body design sketches out the bride’s perfect curve, bare waist looking even sexier. Transparent lace flower design makes the upper body of this wedding dress completely can do as a little dress or a single product to wear casually in summer streets.


Do not like too complicated design? This simple and chic Mara Hoffman two-piece dress is perfect for your appetite! The strapless style dress on the upper body shows off the sexy shoulders. The chest holder sketches out a charming chest line. Dark striped pattern makes the upper body of the wedding dress and the traditional lower body blended into together, echoing up and down.

Hayley Paige’s wedding dress, not only the crystal corset fully shows dazzling luxury, but also the large ruffled lower body snatch visual attention! Of course, the small flash light vest is more striking. In short, the big skirt hem complements with the crystal top, fully showing off the bride ‘s special gorgeous yet gentle temperament with no doubt.

How to Choose the Right Summer Wedding Dress

Summer is about to come, though the weather is hot, it still is the favorite wedding season for a lot of brides. As a summer bride, you need to make time to start selecting a wedding dress now! Today teach you to choose what kind of wedding dress can avoid suffering from very hot weather and at the same time to perfectly show your charm at the wedding!

1. Choose high-low style

More cool and minimalist style wedding dress can avoid the whole dress wrapping yourself so you are not even able to breathe! The front part of the wedding dress is middle or even mini skirt design to perfectly show the bride’s slender legs and carefully selected wedding shoes, and dragging a traditional wedding dress train design at the back will still make this kind of dress with a grand wedding ritual sense!

2. How to choose the texture

In so hot summer, the selection of all clothing is based on a cool premise, so is the wedding dress too! Be sure to try to choose light texture and simple style. Light wedding dress wraps the body so the bride can also accentuates the graceful figure, temperament naturally becoming more gentle and graceful!


Generally common summer wedding dress texture: chiffon, silk and silk satin. Of course, no matter which kind of fabrics, the color and style of the wedding dress is the most important, and must be based on our own skin color and body type to select the match!

3. Bright colored wedding dresses are the most popular

Bright colors are the symbol of summer and will completely present the bride’s young and lively temperament, so it is definitely worth a try! Of course, to wear colorful colored wedding dress, it also needs to match to the skin color as well as hair color!

4. The choice of wedding dress style

Short wedding dress is definitely the first choice for summer wedding. And, in general, because of its design, short dress is more lively and fashionable, and also better reflects the youth and beauty of the bride!


To expose the slender and beautiful legs in the soft yarn, besides the sexy sense, there is also an elegant and noble flavor! However, a short wedding dress has a relatively high requirement for the bride’s leg line, so if the bride happens to have a good figure, then with the bright colors, the effect is even more perfect!

Depending on the Length to Pick Wedding Dress

To select a wedding dress is undoubtedly a pleasure for girls, but also accompanied by the select phobia pain. What style and length of wedding dress in the end should we choose in order to maximize the show of our beauty? Teach you today from the length to pick the right wedding dress.


1. Mini style wedding dress

Mini style wedding dress has more restrict requirements for the bride’s legs shape, slim physique is one of the necessary conditions, the most important thing is to be sure to have slim legs, regardless of the height the proportion of legs must be long and preferably should be straight, so it will look good.

2. Knee-length style wedding dress

Knee-length style wedding dress is a little longer than the mini style, and also because of this point it has slightly less stringent requirements for the leg type. Besides, it also can be modified by fluffy skirt hem. Ball gown skirt hem is more suitable for the bride to wear, if it is a common sheath knee-length dress, it may be more like a bridesmaid dress.

3. High-low style wedding dress

High-low style can be very good to meet your hope to wear a trailing wedding dress while not affecting your actions, more lightweight and suitable for open and semi-formal wedding. Similarly, this wedding dress style has a high demanding on the legs shape.


4. Evening dress style wedding dress

Generally, evening dress style wedding dress doesn’t touch the ground, so it is more convenient to move, and are generally of close-fitting tailoring with materials in a better draping sense such as silk, very good for the beach and lawn wedding. While the bride walks forward, the hem is shaking faintly, filled with great charm. But this style of wedding dress is more suitable for tall brides with long legs and little hip.

5. Tailing style wedding dress

Tailing style wedding dress is a dream in mind almost for every girl, as if wearing a trailing wedding dress can become a princess. A petite bride can choose a small train otherwise it will not only act inconveniently but also make you look shorter. Big and long tailing wedding dress is more suitable for church weddings.

Five Tips to Easily Choose a Wedding Dress

In fact, as long as following certain steps, the selection of wedding dress is not difficult. Here to teach you how to pick your favorite wedding dress!


1. Determine the time and scene

What season and what venue are you going to hold your wedding? These two issues you have to figure out in advance. If it is in the spring and summer you can choose a thin fabric or neatly cut short wedding dress; if it is in autumn and winter, you can choose a long ball gown wedding dress or dress with long train.

2. Determine the wedding style

For the traditional church wedding, you can wear a conservative design or more solemn wedding dress, while for outdoor wedding you may choose a lightweight and lively style. All in all, the wedding dress style must fit the theme style of the wedding.


3. Pick out the silhouette

Advance to collect some wedding dress pictures, and mark your favorite style and silhouette. Rule out those types you cannot accept, so in the site you will not want to try everything or do not know to begin looking from which one.

4. Assess your budget  

First estimate your budget and then decide whether you will buy a wedding dress or rent or to customize. To rent of course save money, but most custom wedding dress will fit your physique and temperament, and certainly better than renting to let you satisfied. But to design a wedding dress need to begin the selection at least one year earlier, begin the custom make six months earlier, so it will not delay your wedding! Or you can try the online wedding dress shopping which is becoming increasingly popular, which not only helps to save money but also not need to wait for a long time!

5. Know your own strengths and weaknesses of stature

Prior to the selection of the wedding dress, we must first understand our own stature. Know where to expose and where the cover, so it will be easy to use process of elimination to select the wedding dress.

Four Styles of Wedding Dress Make Your Selection No Longer a Problem

The reason for tailor-made wedding dress is to make it perfectly matched with your own body and temperament so to achieve the perfect combination, to make you become the most beautiful bride. So in the end to choose what kind of wedding dress style will suit your taste? The following are recommended four different styles of wedding dresses, definitely there will be a right for you!

1. Personalized style

For those young and trendy brides who prefer the pursuit of personalities, the personalized wedding dress with unique design is a very good choice, such as a short ballet dress, flared dress, suits dress, and other unique designed type, which can perfectly show the bride’s unique sense. Personalized style wedding dresses almost fit any shaped brides because its unique design can enhance the overall temperament of the bride, of course, in the selection it still needs to think about their height and looks.

2. Romantic style

Romantic wedding dress style has always been a favorite for most brides. If you want to take more gorgeous wedding dress photos, or to hold a more serious and formal wedding in churches and other more formal occasions, a romantic wedding dress is the most suitable for you! To select princess or mermaid wedding dress can easily show your beauty.

3. Elegant style

Partial quiet girls or mature brides will mostly choose the more elegant style. A smooth and soft chiffon wedding dress or luxurious satin wedding dress, plus with lace, flowers and other decorations, leisurely shows your elegant and moving temperament.

4. Casual style

Many people think wedding dress must be very formal, actually it is not. If you are holding an outdoor wedding, the formal and grand long tailing wedding dress style certainly does not meet the free wedding atmosphere. You can choose a casual wedding dress style like short flowing chiffon dress, which not only allows you to easily move, but also to create a cute and casual temperament.