Big Brides Can Be Amazing Too – See the Selection Tips of Wedding Dress Style

To have a wedding dress to make ourselves look full of love and stunning all the present is the dream of every bride, but not everything can be satisfactory. Looking at the plump and huge body, how to choose the wedding dress? Come to the below answer we give you.

1. Cover the waist fat

Having much fat around the waist is a problem that any woman will encounter. Sitting for long time without movement, the first step is hoarding fat around the waist. If you do not have a lot waist fat, you can use bellyband to hold the fat, so it will become a lot flat. If it is very thick, then we recommend you choose high waist style wedding dress, which is not too tight around in the belly, thus people cannot see any problem.

2. Cover rounded hip

Hip being too large, pear-shaped body, is a common problem among many of the female. Although having much fat at the hip, it is not tight, nor wobbly, so we need to avoid weaknesses. Ball gown or flowing draped skirt hem is the first choice. No to choose the sheath mermaid style, which will not only show an exquisite figure, instead, will make your aura look very low.

3. Not afraid of having thick legs

Calves’ being thick is very troubling. You may be not so fat, but the leg muscles make you look a lot stronger. In the grand wedding, then the innocent girl feeling completely disappears. In fact, this figure is easy to shelter. Do not choose a short wedding dress or sheath style, which will be fine enough!

4. Cover arm fat

Flesh on the upper arm is very painful for many brides; after all, the classic wedding dress style is the strapless one. Then the arm cannot be covered? In actual not, if not having slender arms we can use: 1. slightly sleeved chiffon or hollow lace wedding dress, to show another kind of beauty in looming; 2. Choose deep V-neck style, all eyes will be transferred; beautiful collarbone can be the same amazing and stunning all the present.

Therefore, no need to worry about your figure, to pick a right wedding dress is the key to show your beauty. Want to pick the wedding dress now? You may refer to

Four Bridal Gown Styles Recommendation

Before the wedding, the bride will carefully pay much attention to carefully select their wedding dress, but before that, we recommend to first have a learn about the bride wedding dress styles, as well as each style for what figure. Here we take a look at the upcoming introduction of four most popular bridal dress styles!

1. Sheath style bridal gown

Compared with A-line and ball gown dress, sheath style has a smaller fluffy degree at the hem and belongs to skinny style while also having higher requirements for the stature. This style is very suitable for tall brides to wear.

Suitable body type: tall and thin brides, wearing such a dress can show the luxury and elegant flavor.

2. Mermaid style bridal gown

Mermaid wedding dress is the most demanding one on the body among these four styles. From the upper body to down the waist, it completely fits the wearer’s physique. Because of its unique feminine design, it gives a mature and sexy impression.

Suitable body type: for brides with overall petite stature, they often give a lovely impression. So it may try to wear this mature dress style to have a makeover. The unique style can give people a more tall impression.

3. Puff style bridal gown

Layers of lace or white tulle has a dreamy effect, although this is in line with most people’s size, because of the larger fluffy degree of skirt hem, it is suitable for wearing at the more spacious venue.

Suitable body type: ball gown fits for brides with more fat lower body. But the hem should choose simple style and has longitudinal surface pleats to lengthen the overall lines.

4. A-line style bridal gown

The dress hem shape looks like the letter “A” in general, so this type of dress is called A-line skirt. From the waist to the skirt hem, the overall line is smooth, and gives an elegant and gorgeous feeling. It also has the effect of stature modification, so it is the most popular dress style.

Suitable body type: for overall somewhat fat brides, A-line dress is best suited to their body. Recommend the strapless wedding dress with a skirt hem of moderate amount sense, which not only cover the waist and abdomen fat, but also highlights the perfect breast shape.

How to Choose Wedding Dress Style for Different Height Brides

Things in the world are vastly different, we cannot find exactly the same leaves, and in humans it is even diverse. Brides are different on height and stature, so today we are to teach you how to choose the wedding dress according to your own body.

1. Tall and skinny bride

If the bride is tall and thin, then whatever style of wedding dress is no problem. You can choose a wedding dress with a tight waist and skirt hem unfolding like a circle, so to highlight the thin bride’s slender waist and to create a goddess feel.

2. Short and thin bride

If the bride is short and thin, then best to choose the empire waist wedding dress, and the skirt hem forms a flared shape. It will be best to have a more weighty upper body so people will focus on your upper and forget your short lower body. Try to avoid styles with lateral lines or exposed much.

3. Tall and fat bride

If the bride is tall but relatively plentiful, then the wedding dress design is not good to be too complex. Be careful to choose the light color as it will cause an inflated sense, and the body will look taller and bigger. You can choose the wedding dress with soft waved pleats or low neckline dress. To have a wedding dress with soft waved pleats and with the wide ribbon to tighten the waist, the effect is good as well.

4. Short and fat bride

Somewhat similar to the spherical body, there are much fat around the arms, then it is more suitable to wear wedding dress with a low neckline and the overall lines is clean, smooth and simple. It has to avoid the fluffy style or with exaggerated design. In addition, in the choice of materials, those which feel with a metal sense will look more neat and better. Do not deliberately wear a pair of too high heels, which will be a little inconsistent.

How to Pay Less to Get Your Favorite Wedding Dress?

Pursuing an affordable wedding now is a lot of new couples’ choice. Then in the selection of the wedding dress, how to do will comparatively save money? Take a look at our tips introduced in the following.

1. Simple design

If your budget is little, the first step you should take is back to reality. More embellishment and better fabric mean higher prices. It is recommended that brides consider those simple designed wedding dress styles, in order to avoid the high price and high quality wedding dress.

2. Short length

Some people say that wedding is a solemn occasion, and only the long wedding dress is dignified and elegant. However, such an idea is too traditional now. If the bride does not mind, you can try a short wedding dress to present your chic and fashion. Short wedding dress costs less material so to have a lower production cost, the price is naturally more affordable. Especially for petite brides, short wedding dress will let you look more delicate.

3. Purchase on line

Today, online shopping has already become a part of many people’s lives. The wedding dress also begins to do online shopping. To choose the wedding dress on line is not only convenient, having more optional styles, you can also save a lot of money and time. Note that because you cannot try on, it is necessary to accurately measure the size, and also set aside some time to modify the size before the wedding.

4. Wedding dress brand

Big brands wedding dress is naturally expensive, so you may wish to consider some of the potential wedding dress designer, which can greatly reduce the cost of the wedding dress. Some new wedding dress designers do not own brands. They tend to sell their wedding dresses at lower prices, but the quality and workmanship is not bad at all.

5. Book in advance

Temporary to prepare always feel lack of time, as we often say “beauty takes time.” Want to be beautiful, we must be prepared in advance, to book wedding dress in advance, do not wait until the eve of the wedding only to find our wedding budget is already not enough, and then it needs to reduce expenditures of wedding dress.

How to Choose the Wedding Dress for Brides with Short Hair Styles

Whether taking the wedding dress photographs or in the wedding scene, the bride’s wedding dress always causes the biggest focus of attention. Not every bride is of long hair, then for the bride with short hair, how it should be to choose the wedding dress? Next to teach you the good wedding dress styles for short haired brides.

1. Short wedding dress

Short wedding dress is a perfect match for brides with short hair. It sets off the bride’s skilful, nifty and lively to the greatest. Short wedding dress is the style that short haired bride not to be missed. With strapless neckline design, the bride’s beautiful collarbone and shoulder are thoroughly demonstrated, plus the three-dimensional pleated skirt hem, to fully show the sexy side.

2. One-shoulder wedding dress

One-shoulder wedding dress is also a good choice. If the bride is petite and young, then it can choose the princess style tutu dress. If the bride is tall and lanky, then it can choose the long trained wedding dress, so to better highlight the bride’s temperament.

3. Unique styling wedding dress

The wedding dress with a simple and unique design is also very suitable for short haired brides, to highlight the bride’s fashionable temperament and personality. Short haired brides may wish to have a try for new style, to make your wedding unique and memorable.

4. Strapless wedding dress

Strapless wedding dress is the bride’s first choice. It better highlights the bride’s neat temperament. This wedding dress is made of the very feminine lace material to present the bride’s elegant and gentle flavor. Empire waist design coupled with beading decoration outlines the bride’s graceful body curves, very tempting. With long light tulle veil makes you exude an unstoppable charming temperament in the breeze. You will definitely be the focus of the crowd.

The above four are the suitable wedding dress styles for the bride with short hair. If you are ready to pick the wedding dress now, you may like to refer to

Four Wedding Dresses for Summer

To hold the wedding in hot summer, the wedding dress would have to choose light and cool style. You might worry that this kind of wedding dress tailoring is not three-dimensional enough, beading decoration will be very limited, and sort of in formal, etc. Today, you do not need to worry any more. We have carefully selected for you four wedding dresses for summer, to give you an accurate direction – under the hot sun you are still be able to keep fresh and pleasant at this solemn occasion!

The short wedding dress that is full of modern and personalized temperament will surely be the first choice for young brides in summer! Beading, flowers and wavy shaped ruffles, everywhere can see the exquisite design details. On the organza hem, it is embroidered with three-dimensional flowers, seemingly random, but yet stylish, and the overall gives a pleasant and nifty feel.

“Refreshing and pleasant” is the summer dressing standard. Simple silhouette, light texture…… is that summer feeling. As a bride, it is no exception. This wedding dress gives a perfect interpretation for the light and flowing sense of organza! Simple upper body design is only embellished with sequins. Layered skirt hem embodies the design ingenuity, full of layering and the use of fashionable high-low design will let you into everyone’s focus. When selecting this wedding dress, it should be noted that pay attention to your legs, so it is suggested that slender legs brides can boldly try!

Wedding dress trend also increasingly tends to be simpler. Fitting wedding dress silhouette no doubt will make the bride look more dignified. The small train design also allows the dress look more gorgeous, from head to toe revealing a queen sense. With the lace embellishment on the neck and cuffs, it looks even more soft and romantic.

Lace is one of the most popular wedding dress fabrics in this season. The skirt body is fully made of lace fabric, showing a simple and elegant style. The classic A-line silhouette can be a good physique modification. Flower belt design is the crowning touch to this wedding, whiling presenting the bride’s figure it gives out a gentle feminine flavor!


Popular Elements of 2014 Fashionable Bridal Evening Dress

Want to be dressed as a stylish bride at the wedding? Whether it is the selection of the wedding dress or evening dress, brides should grasp the fashion key. Then, which fashion elements does it contain in 2014 bridal evening dress? Take a look at the following inventory of three popular elements of bridal evening dress!

1. One-shoulder design in goddess feel

One-shoulder design gives a feel like goddess, and is frequently found in the red carpet of major awards ceremony. If you have a classical temperament and full round shoulder, you can try the classic one-shoulder evening dress. Brides with a tender and petite stature can wear a shorter style. In fact, the strap style is more suitable for thin and subtle bride than the choice of strapless. However, one-shoulder dress is relative picky compared to ordinary strap style. Too plump arms are easy to admit its shortcoming, and the too thin circumference will be difficult to deduce the goddess feel.

2. Eye-catching beading

Complex and ornate cut, colored beaded jewelry and gorgeous hem all are the necessary details of unbeaten dress.

If you want to look a little low-key and restrained, it must be with the beading inside and external chiffon. In the looming chiffon it hides dazzling beadings, and at times coming out to give a high-profile show. In this way, even if you do not have the blinding light of diamond jewelry, a sparkling evening dress for you will at least restore the scene.

3. Universal ruching

Exaggerated glossy fabric + chic ruching design, it has shaped the contour sense of fashion. The wonderful partial ruching itself has a decorative effect, even if you do not wear a piece of jewelry, you will still look elegant and luxury, not shabby.

Ruching is universal design, whether underweight or overweight, you can get a good modification effect. If the circumference is not enough plump, dense little ruching can be used to create a gorgeous visual effect; if waist and abdomen is slightly plump, the stripe ruching is available to modify the shape and enhance the slender sense.

Bridesmaid Group Dresses Make You Be the most Beautiful Landscape

Being the maid of honor, is the agreement when we are young, and also girls’ fairy-tale vision. At the moment we are willing to be green leaves for setting off your beauty, so you become the most beautiful scenery at your big day.

Bridesmaid dress selection tips:

  1. First consider the styles and colors of bridal wedding dress and wedding theme. Do not rush to pick one of your favorite dresses.
  2. Try to choose a light-colored dress for indoor wedding, while outdoor wedding can be based on the wedding theme.
  3. The style need to be simpler than the bride’s dress, not too much color.
  4. If the wedding theme is much luxurious, try to choose a dignified and decent long sheath dress.
  5. If you plan to choose a short dress, pay attention to the length, too sexy will let the guests and elder have a sense of frivolity.
Macaroon color bridesmaid dress

Colorful macaroons colored dress is cool and simple. The belt style allows the bridesmaids with fleshy waist also to be able to highlight the waistline. If you schedule a bridesmaid group, and each one has a color, it will be definitely romantic enough!

Bright-colored bridesmaid dresses

Wearing different bright colored bridesmaids dress group is relatively rare, because the bright color is relatively easy to snatch the bride’s attention, and in the occasions of larger density it easily seems clutter. So such bridesmaid dresses group is applicable at the outdoors or beach wedding.

Same colored but different styles bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaids can choose different dress styles according to stature and personality. They are all the blue knee-length dresses: strapless satin one is classic and safe, one-shoulder sheath cut is sexier and feminine, and combined with the yarn is undoubtedly representatives of fashion and personality.

Short lace dress

Lace begins popular among bridesmaid dresses. Choosing a short lace dress in the same color with the bridal wedding dress is fresh and nifty.

Now, are you ready to begin the selection journey of bridesmaid dress for the coming wedding? You may like to visit No matter what color and style of bridesmaid dress you expect, you will find the one you love.

Four Fairy and Flowing Bridesmaid Dresses For Garden Wedding

The dressing up of bridesmaids group at the wedding is also one of the determinants for wedding atmosphere. Bridesmaids group reflects the beauty and temperament of the bride. Bridesmaid dress selection should not only consider the bridesmaid’s body, but also to think about whether the temperament exuded by the bridesmaid dress meets the bridesmaids themselves and the bride’s dress as well! Recommend for everyone today, four flowing and beautiful bridesmaid dresses that highlight gentle and romantic temperament. If you are going to participate in an outdoor or garden wedding that is full of fragrant flowers flavor, hurry to have a look!

Classic and safe strapless style is the most common bridesmaid dress style. Just need to add a little color which will let you exude different brilliance and charm. Pale yellow and orange pink exudes irresistible fresh and gentle atmosphere, especially good to wear for romantic outdoor wedding. Flowers and ruching embellish out slim waistline. Side slit style adds sexier flavor!

This is the currently most popular halter dress. The thin straps sketch out your perfect shoulder line, to highlight fashionable and sexy temperament. Layered flouncing in front of the chest is able to modify and highlight the breast shape, gentle and charming, especially perfect for small chest maid of honor. The pale pink is also one of the most favorite colors of bridesmaids, full of pure and sweet sense of little girl.

Deep V-neck flounced bridesmaid dress uses simple and flowing lines to sketch graceful curves, showing subtle sex appeal. The contrasted color belt is full of endless romantic and looks stunning. The warm and low-key red color tone exudes a deep vitality sense.

The same deep V-neck dress makes use of multi-level small A-line skirt hem combined with the same color to create heat and youthful bridesmaid image. Dreamy chiffon and irregular design is elegant and light. With a simple belt, it can easily outline the body curves.

2014 Latest Bridesmaid Dress Colors Recommendation

As the wedding dress, bridesmaid dress has a new fashion trend every year. 2014 bridesmaid dress color has a new replacement. The next step is for you to introduce the latest color of the bridesmaid dresses. If you are about to be a bridesmaid, pay attention now!

1. Grey dress

Grey color is decent and gorgeous. Although the color is slightly conservative, the simple and nice ruching will add a lot of extra points to the fashion sense. As a bridesmaid dress or even a party dress will be the right and foolproof choice.

2. Fuchsia dress

It is suitable for dignified and elegant bridesmaids. Passionate and romantic fuchsia color, either with chiffon or satin will be able to exhibit the best state, and it is very suitable to occur in the wedding. If there is a little fuchsia embellishment on the bride’s wedding dress, then the bridesmaids dressed in fuchsia is quite appropriate.

3. Yellow dress

This color is suitable for fair-skinned bridesmaids. Bright yellow will attract the attention of many guests, especially more dazzling with satin fabric and can increase the sense of color of the wedding. Just note that when choosing yellow bridesmaid dresses it should be avoided covering a large area; otherwise it will feel too heavy and old fashioned. If you feel yellow is too eye-catching, you can also choose pure pale yellow dress, in this way it can make the whole wedding exude a youthful and sunny feeling.

4. Sequined dress

Dark color series is really not ugly, instead, it will highlight the bride’s exceptionally holy temperament. Plus beading embellishment and diamond jewelry, you will be doomed to get lots of eyes.

5. Purple dress

Purple bridesmaid dress is a combination of romance and mystery. Putting on bridesmaids can be very good to bring out the bride’s temperament! Different styles of purple bridesmaid dresses, unique and personalized, make the personalized wedding full of modern temperament.