Bridesmaid Group Dresses Make You Be the most Beautiful Landscape

Being the maid of honor, is the agreement when we are young, and also girls’ fairy-tale vision. At the moment we are willing to be green leaves for setting off your beauty, so you become the most beautiful scenery at your big day.

Bridesmaid dress selection tips:

  1. First consider the styles and colors of bridal wedding dress and wedding theme. Do not rush to pick one of your favorite dresses.
  2. Try to choose a light-colored dress for indoor wedding, while outdoor wedding can be based on the wedding theme.
  3. The style need to be simpler than the bride’s dress, not too much color.
  4. If the wedding theme is much luxurious, try to choose a dignified and decent long sheath dress.
  5. If you plan to choose a short dress, pay attention to the length, too sexy will let the guests and elder have a sense of frivolity.
Macaroon color bridesmaid dress

Colorful macaroons colored dress is cool and simple. The belt style allows the bridesmaids with fleshy waist also to be able to highlight the waistline. If you schedule a bridesmaid group, and each one has a color, it will be definitely romantic enough!

Bright-colored bridesmaid dresses

Wearing different bright colored bridesmaids dress group is relatively rare, because the bright color is relatively easy to snatch the bride’s attention, and in the occasions of larger density it easily seems clutter. So such bridesmaid dresses group is applicable at the outdoors or beach wedding.

Same colored but different styles bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaids can choose different dress styles according to stature and personality. They are all the blue knee-length dresses: strapless satin one is classic and safe, one-shoulder sheath cut is sexier and feminine, and combined with the yarn is undoubtedly representatives of fashion and personality.

Short lace dress

Lace begins popular among bridesmaid dresses. Choosing a short lace dress in the same color with the bridal wedding dress is fresh and nifty.

Now, are you ready to begin the selection journey of bridesmaid dress for the coming wedding? You may like to visit No matter what color and style of bridesmaid dress you expect, you will find the one you love.

Four Fairy and Flowing Bridesmaid Dresses For Garden Wedding

The dressing up of bridesmaids group at the wedding is also one of the determinants for wedding atmosphere. Bridesmaids group reflects the beauty and temperament of the bride. Bridesmaid dress selection should not only consider the bridesmaid’s body, but also to think about whether the temperament exuded by the bridesmaid dress meets the bridesmaids themselves and the bride’s dress as well! Recommend for everyone today, four flowing and beautiful bridesmaid dresses that highlight gentle and romantic temperament. If you are going to participate in an outdoor or garden wedding that is full of fragrant flowers flavor, hurry to have a look!

Classic and safe strapless style is the most common bridesmaid dress style. Just need to add a little color which will let you exude different brilliance and charm. Pale yellow and orange pink exudes irresistible fresh and gentle atmosphere, especially good to wear for romantic outdoor wedding. Flowers and ruching embellish out slim waistline. Side slit style adds sexier flavor!

This is the currently most popular halter dress. The thin straps sketch out your perfect shoulder line, to highlight fashionable and sexy temperament. Layered flouncing in front of the chest is able to modify and highlight the breast shape, gentle and charming, especially perfect for small chest maid of honor. The pale pink is also one of the most favorite colors of bridesmaids, full of pure and sweet sense of little girl.

Deep V-neck flounced bridesmaid dress uses simple and flowing lines to sketch graceful curves, showing subtle sex appeal. The contrasted color belt is full of endless romantic and looks stunning. The warm and low-key red color tone exudes a deep vitality sense.

The same deep V-neck dress makes use of multi-level small A-line skirt hem combined with the same color to create heat and youthful bridesmaid image. Dreamy chiffon and irregular design is elegant and light. With a simple belt, it can easily outline the body curves.

2014 Latest Bridesmaid Dress Colors Recommendation

As the wedding dress, bridesmaid dress has a new fashion trend every year. 2014 bridesmaid dress color has a new replacement. The next step is for you to introduce the latest color of the bridesmaid dresses. If you are about to be a bridesmaid, pay attention now!

1. Grey dress

Grey color is decent and gorgeous. Although the color is slightly conservative, the simple and nice ruching will add a lot of extra points to the fashion sense. As a bridesmaid dress or even a party dress will be the right and foolproof choice.

2. Fuchsia dress

It is suitable for dignified and elegant bridesmaids. Passionate and romantic fuchsia color, either with chiffon or satin will be able to exhibit the best state, and it is very suitable to occur in the wedding. If there is a little fuchsia embellishment on the bride’s wedding dress, then the bridesmaids dressed in fuchsia is quite appropriate.

3. Yellow dress

This color is suitable for fair-skinned bridesmaids. Bright yellow will attract the attention of many guests, especially more dazzling with satin fabric and can increase the sense of color of the wedding. Just note that when choosing yellow bridesmaid dresses it should be avoided covering a large area; otherwise it will feel too heavy and old fashioned. If you feel yellow is too eye-catching, you can also choose pure pale yellow dress, in this way it can make the whole wedding exude a youthful and sunny feeling.

4. Sequined dress

Dark color series is really not ugly, instead, it will highlight the bride’s exceptionally holy temperament. Plus beading embellishment and diamond jewelry, you will be doomed to get lots of eyes.

5. Purple dress

Purple bridesmaid dress is a combination of romance and mystery. Putting on bridesmaids can be very good to bring out the bride’s temperament! Different styles of purple bridesmaid dresses, unique and personalized, make the personalized wedding full of modern temperament.

Three Summer Beach Bridesmaid Gowns

The arrival of summer lets many new couples’ hearts cheered because they want to hold a beach wedding. Romantic sea breeze and beautiful white sand beach is the dreaming wedding picture of a number of people. Participated in beach wedding, in addition to special designs of the bride’s wedding dress, bridesmaids also need to pay a little more attention to the bridesmaid dresses. And in fact, beach wedding is very suitable to wear flowing long dress. Today we recommend three summer beach bridesmaid dresses for you!

This flower one-shoulder floor-length dress is fully filled with young and lively atmosphere. Lightweight yellow fabric is like sunshine and brings fresh summer vigorous feeling. Exquisite one-shoulder tailoring design and the pleated A-line skirt hem are full of charm, fully showing the bridesmaid’s elegant and pleasant flavor and let people love at first sight. Flower embellishment adds more sweet feeling.

This pure colored halter long dress applies the smooth and elegant lines of evening dress to the bridesmaid dress. Not having the complicated details of the traditional dress, it purely makes use of clean silhouette and color to create a gorgeous sense. Light and smooth fabric is cool and breathable. Halter design cleverly expose the sexy shoulders and back lines, coupled with sweep train, it makes a perfect balance between sweet and mature temperament, to create a lively and elegant image for you. The cross ruching in front of the chest give a perfect modification of the breast shape, coupled with attractive and fresh green color, allowing you to easily become the focus of the wedding.

How can summer lack the ocean color? Especially for bridesmaids who are going to participate in a beach wedding. Fresh blue is extremely popular in the summer, which not only can create distinctive visual effects, but also infuse the wedding with pleasant and cool atmosphere. This long sky blue dress is full of ocean atmosphere, showing bridesmaids’ fresh and delightful temperament. One-shoulder design is better to highlight the shoulder curve, healthy and sexy show off is memorable.

Three Summer Bridal Engagement Dresses

When engaged, the bride is often plagued with what kind of clothes to wear is most appropriate. In fact, at the engagement ceremony the bride should be wearing a simple dress style, try to win on the design of the version, and some of the more biased in favor of the wedding dress elements such as lace, beading, etc. use it as little as possible, to give a dignified and not exaggerated feeling. Today we will introduce three simple designed bridal engagement dresses, let’s enjoy them together now!

This simple and arty little dress using satin fabric weaved, exudes a noble luster. Off-the-shoulder design makes your beautiful shoulders and back skin perfectly presented, revealing the natural and charming out of elegance, sexy and with a touch of modesty, which will surely make you become the focus of audience. Chic blue color is refreshing, to bring a hint of cool sense to this summer. Neat tailoring forms a crisp A-line skirt hem. Classic flavor covers all over the body, to show the gorgeous and mellow feeling.

This spaghetti straps dress is full of unique fashion details design. To choose the summer hot blue color tone exposes understated elegance. Spaghetti straps design with flower shaped decoration shows off delicate sexy. Close-fitting belt and pleated skirt shows your graceful posture. With high heels and bright sunlight, accompanied by light and flying skirt hem, allows you to distribute soft and graceful charming sense.

This fluffy little dress most vividly presents the charming and sweet style. Sweetheart neck coupled with ruching design is sexy and chic. Shiny blue fabric is crafted to a fluffy and funny folded skirt bottom, creating the effect of a slender slim body, and extremely reflecting the lovely and nifty side of young girls, to show her youthful vigor.

Noble Temperament – The most Outstanding Mother of the Bride Dress

For mothers, the wedding day of their daughter’s may be more important to than their own. Busy brides, at the moment of picking the wedding dress, do not forget your mother dress. If you are still tangled in picking what style of mother dress, then come to see the following several mother of the bride dresses we recommend for everyone. These dresses will perfectly present your mother’s noble temperament.

This mother dress uses taffeta as a design material, of sophisticated texture and great grade, giving a rich and elegant feel. Silver tone is exquisite and luxury. Ruching design has lively sense in elegance. It is the best mother dress at wedding day.

In the wedding day, mothers always choose splendid attire. But unlike the young, the mothers’ clothing choices are bound to indulge in the gorgeous and noble style. Put aside the standard long dress style, in fact, short sleeveless dresses not only can give out a noble lady temperament, but also helps to reduce the sense of age. This simple and elegant black dress is quite elegant and of classical charm. With a tight-fitting cut and dark color tone is better to shape the overall body lines. With the same colored high heels, it highlights the mother’s noble grace.

This dress keeps precise and delicate tailoring. Three-dimensional flower shaped embellishment gives a modification of the stature, allowing the mother’s increasingly plump waist curve to be even more exquisite. Glossy fabric demonstrates an elegant art style, noble yet nifty. With luxurious diamond jewelry, adds a charming mature flavor to her noble style.

If the mother’s figure is slim, you can choose warm colored mother dresses, so they will look of more charm. Green, pink and beige all look pleasant and make people feel very comfortable, and can also exhibit the gentle and sensual character of woman, luxury yet not flamboyant, revealing a mild intellectuality. This kind of soft fabric and soft colored mother dress also make people feel fresh and elegant. Matched with light-colored jewelry, such as pearls, is more able to set off the noble and low-key temperament.

New Trend of Sexy Wedding Dress – See the most IN Wedding Dress in 2014

2014 has passed the half, quickly to come and have a review of the most IN sexy wedding dress look in 2014. The wedding dress tailoring tends to be simpler yet craft is more complex. Wedding dress is no longer solely to expose a body part but to show the body curve in structure. Such an interpretation of sexy is more romantic and aesthetic. Minimalist tailoring matches lace, deep V, three-dimensional crochet and other elements, so the bride walks between dignified, noble and sexy, enchanting, which is really imaginative.

This minimalist tailoring wedding dress is really of gorgeous international feel. The body is all made of shiny elastic silk like satin material, looking much textured. The sheath tailoring reveals the graceful curves of women. Due to the ruching design, the cowl neck has become even sexier. Delicate lace crochet, close to the skin, looks as if flowers bloom in the back, fitting body curves to grow. If it is placed years ago, the bold design will let conservative brides prohibitive, but I think now there will be a lot of beautiful and confident brides eager to have a try for such a style.

This wedding dress makes use of a large area of lace material to release female gentle and moving temperament. Halter with sweetheart design, chest decorated with bright beading and shiny satin fabric, with mermaid style, hem fully embroidered with appliqués, gives a luxury palace sense. Graceful body curve is perfectly exposed, kind of subtle sexy.

Close to the skin, the white organza is fully studded with silver sequins, to highlight the texture sense. Sequins evenly distribute on the chests, abdomen, legs and hip. The uniquely design makes the wedding dress clearly structured, elegance and romance melted mixed with luxurious noble. Flower strap design adds gentle and sweet flavor to the bride’s elegance.

Halter V-neck design perfectly shows the beautiful shoulder and chest curve. Tailoring is simple, showing French style elegance and romance. The beading embellishment under the chests presents the curves to be even more exquisite, highlighting dignified and elegant goddess temperament out of simple. Smooth textured fabric moves up with a rich and smooth moving sense, and then with an elegant disc, it shows a dash of retro flavor in modern fashion.

Elegant and Fresh Wedding Dress – A Good Choice for Summer Brides

In the hot summer, those complicated and thick wedding dresses are definitely disliked by everyone. Instead, fresh and simple style, which is the most appropriate style for summer weddings, is always been sought after by future brides of all ages. So, how to pick a suitable simple summer wedding dress? While being comfortable and also show your elegant feminine? Today to bring several fresh wedding dresses for everyone. The brides, who are going to hold the wedding in the summer, come to check it out!

1. Sweetheart wedding dress

Classic and simple sweetheart wedding dress, added some beading decoration at the upper body, immediately glow a charming sense of luxury. Clean lines set off the fabric texture, with delicate hairstyle and pearl accessories, will be outstanding enough. It is particularly suitable for garden and beach wedding.

2. Halter style

Chiffon fabric is definitely preferred for wedding dress in summer wedding. This classic halter style white chiffon wedding dress is simple, elegant yet sexy. At the waist it is exquisitely decorated with a wide pearl and beaded belt in luxurious texture, to easily sketch out the bride’s graceful figure and highlight the gorgeous temperament and enhance the taste.

3. One-shoulder short wedding dress

Exquisite and lively one-shoulder short wedding dress looks very stylish and nifty, which is the preferred choice for summer petite bride! Scattered placed bows reflect the designer’s ingenuity, full of lovely charm. While at the same time, the glossy fabric allows the bride not to lose a sense of elegance. Plus with the bow headdress and wedding shoes, it forms an overall perfect echo. If also coupled with the bride’s personalized makeup, the overall shape is simple but not ordinary! The bride’s exquisite taste is distributed everywhere!

4. Sheer neckline wedding dress

Sheer neckline has become the trend of wedding dress. Decorated with beaded tulle, lace patterns or three-dimensional flowers, it increases chiaroscuro so to look more sexy. Retro boat neck shows off the bride’s beautiful collarbone, with a simple and smart A-line skirt body, it looks really elegant and charming.

Five Ways to Make Bridesmaid Dresses Stand out

Your bridesmaids do not need to dress like the bridesmaid human cloning at other weddings; on the contrary, they can borrow inspiration from the most popular fashion forefront. Hollow back, charming mermaid dress, wonderful tulle outer – Oh, it’s just initiate, please enjoy yourself boldly and divergently thinking about it. The following is the latest creative fashion!

Having a clever use of the belt can give a pretty finishing touch. A suitable belt can not only create a beautiful body line, but also can make a plain dress embellished more elegant and unique. Like this simple navy blue mermaid bridesmaid dress without any decoration, with a long-to-floor dark brown wide belt, it not only set off the bridesmaids more elegant, but also reflects the personalized and fashionable taste of the bridesmaid.

The designer provides a more eye-catching slim mermaid bridesmaid dress, and uses stiff fabrics to create a more three-dimensional silhouette so to highlight the bridesmaid’s own graceful figure and noble qualities. Calm and elegant gray color tone has a modern sense of industrialization, adding more fashion sense to the bridesmaid.

One-shoulder dress. Some details designs allow the asymmetric shoulder line to look more elegant and sweet, like pleated fabrics, hollow lace and flower decoration. And the straps that are thin to the extreme can make people appear to be more skinny and highlights the beautiful collarbone and shoulder line.

White and ivory bridesmaid dress. Not the bride, also wear white? Actually, no matter what color the bridesmaids wear, we still can see who the bride is. Just note that the style should not be too complicated. A simple and elegant A-line halter dress can show the bridesmaid’s elegant and sexy temperament, and do not worry it will grab the bride’s thunder.

Hollow back detail is slightly sexy, but also low-key enough to not let the bridesmaids feel exposed. Flowing chiffon floor-length overlay adds a feeling of emptiness to the long bridesmaid dress. Gray color is slightly faded, but chiffon can neutralize this tone and bring soft touch.

Inventory of 2014 Popular Wedding Dress Fashion Elements

The life’s only once wedding, as the most dazzling queen at the wedding, be sure to wear a stylish and stunning wedding dress to catch all the present attention. For the current popular wedding dress in this year, how much do you know? Today we give a review about the fashion elements on 2014 wedding dress brands. As a bride-to-be, hurry to do the homework for your coming wedding!

1. Little sexy boat neck

How much to expose will be called a sexy wedding dress? If you have a charming collarbone, then select a boat neck dress to show off your shoulders! Make everyone’s attention focused on your perfect collarbone and shoulders, which is sexy without losing the classic charm! (Wedding dress brand: Romona Keveza Legends, Anne Barge and Marchesa)

2. Cap sleeves

Cap sleeves refer to the style which is shorter and more close-fitting than the short sleeves. In this season, there are a lot of wedding dress brands with cap sleeves design. For example: Christos, Maggie Sottero, Kenneth Pool, Monique Lhuillier and Temperley Bridal. Cap sleeves can create a pure and innocent girl atmosphere, very romantic.

3. Sexy halter

Halter design is actually very stylish and sexy. Used in the wedding dress, it can better focus the attention on your shoulder silhouette. Adding jewelry embellishment and exquisite embroidery, it is interesting and classic, absolutely remarkable! (Wedding dress brand: Theia, Christos and Hayley Paige)

4. Smock and shawl

Wedding dress brands such as Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang and Reem Acra all have smock design in this season. Various styles of smocks and shawls bring retro and elegant atmosphere to the bride.

5. Beautiful flowers

Obviously, the wedding dress designers show special preference to small flowers, and the design is delicate and elegant, reflecting out the ultimate pursuit for feminine. Wedding dress brand: Temperley, Reem Acra and Monique Lhullier and others have such a design.

6. Pearls

Wedding dress brand Theia, Reem Acra and Carolina Herrera have presented the wedding dress design: join pearls to the wedding dress. Gloss and elegant pearls let the bride exude warm, elegant and demure light.

Above are the popular 2014 wedding dress design elements we count for you. Just quickly integrate some of them into your wedding dress!